Best Face Mask to Protect Us From Covid-19

When I think of the best face masks to protect us from the pollution outside, I think of the ones my grandmother used. It wasn’t until the late fifties that I heard of Agent Orange. During those times, if you were caught outside without your face masks on, you were treated like any other dirty, non-paying worker. If you wore one, no one cared what you did.

Not only was it used to protect us from covid-19 in the workplace, but they were also used by miners during World War Two to protect their lungs from toxic gases and poisonous dust. Agent Orange was so effective, that even military helicopters were painted with the golden color of the paint. Even though this was considered somewhat of a joke, no one seemed to mind, as these people put their lives on the line for our country.

Now that I have my grandchildren, I want them to enjoy life to the fullest, not one bit wasted. I purchased my little girl a lovely little face mask years ago. She loves it. I have worn it while taking a walk in the park and running errands.

I feel much safer having her protect me. I don’t have to worry that she is exposed to unnecessary amounts of pollution. I also don’t have to listen to the radio or hear the news on the car radio in order to keep me sane. My morning commute has become just a short walk to the office building. In fact, I rarely even smell the exhaust from my car anymore.

These things are the type of quality we deserve. The best face mask to protect us from covid-19 is one that will fit snugly on my face, but will also allow my airway to be clear. There is a line of masks that actually do this. They are called the “median mask”. What I love about these kinds of masks is that they are comfortable and stylish.

The best face mask to protect us from covid-19 is one that will fit properly and also will allow my airway to be open. My daughter’s mask is perfect for her. It is also very breathable. She is no longer coughing and hacking in the cold winter months like she used to.

The best face mask to protect us from covid-19 is one that can be used in the home, in the office, or at any other location where someone needs to breath. These masks come in many different styles and colors. My daughter even has a green mask that fits her nicely. It helps keep her cool and it even smells good! One of my favorite varieties is the “covid-approved” style. It is not so approved by the authorities, but my little girl loves it!

So, if you ever get a cold and find that you need to use a mask to protect your lungs, do yourself a favor and buy one of these masks today. You will not regret the decision once you see the difference! And your child will thank you when the winter colds really do start to bite!

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